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  • Why organic food is a better choice

    Why organic food is a better choice

    These days when demands have grown, many of our foods have been added with chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides. Many of the birds such as chicken is also being kept in cages. They do not naturally play around and grow eating natural food they supposed to..

    So how does this affects us?

    If you are constantly eating animals, fruits and veggies that have been added with these chemicals and antibiotics, you will in return someway end up having a portion of it. You do not need a specialist or scientist to tell you that. It’s common sense.

    Everyday, we are eating takeaways, the demand have kept growing over time. How do you keep the cost of food low? Imagine, you had a restaurant, to cook chicken you will need to buy chicken. If you spent more to buy chicken, it would obviously reflect on your menu prices. So to keep the menu prices low, you will look for low priced chicken and meats. Here comes the business who speclises in low cost chickens. How do they do it? Well obviously, they would look for farmers who can provide chicken for lower costs but how would the farmers do it? They don’t have enough spaces or manpower to manage chickens roaming free on the fields and they have to meet demand. So what do they do? The easiest solution is caged hens!

    With all the added antibiotics and pesticides in the food, it is possible to pass through to you through the food.

    Some of the best reasons to opt for ogranic food:

    • Organic food is often nutrient rich
    • Organic food is natuarally grown without added antibiotics
    • Nature friendly, suppors the environment
    • Tastes better
    • Supports healthier lifestyles

    Therefore, it is always a better choice to opt for organic foods, you may end up paying a little extra but if you could afford it, it’s well worth it!