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  • Apple Watch review

    Apple Watch review

    This is a simple review of Apple watch. We won’t get in to detailed technical stuff that most people won’t understand or rather not go in to too much technical details. I find it easier to provide simple information that matters.

    So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been using the new Apple Watch series 6 GPS + WiFi. At first I’ve been concerned about the pricing of the watch which obviously is a lot higher than the rivals. I’ve been looking at quite a few watches and fitness trackers.

    At first I was looking at cheap alternatives on Amazon abs eBay. However, I realised that the very cheap ones are only better as a pedometer and is not as accurate. You have to consider that to keep the pricing down, they have had to compromise on features.

    One of my top alternative choice was Samsung galaxy watch 3. However, being an iPhone user, I opted for the Apple Watch instead as it would work better with my phone and we all know about the good stuff that Apple builds. You can rely on its accuracy.

    So, pros and cons? Well, To be honest, I would have preferred a round display like the Samsung watch 3. It looks stylish and more like a conventional watch in terms of looks. However, I wouldn’t say that it’s a big downside as you can make the Apple Watch stylish with the extra straps that you can buy.

    Best for iPhone users

    If you’re an iphone user, you would thoroughly enjoy it as it. It syncs flawlessley with your iPhone to update your everyday activities and we know how good Apple is with doing things properly. It will not miss anything and you can rely on it to show you the correct data.


    Well, with everything on, it would last you a full day at least. However, you can make the battery last a lot longer, if you put the “Cinema mode” ON. This would essentially keep the display dimmed along with couple of other tweaks so your battery will last longer. It will however, keep counting your steps and you would still get a vibration when there is a notification.

    Watch SE vs Series 6

    You may wish to opt for the Watch SE version instead of Series 6. The main difference would be a) No ECG function on SE b) Doesn’t have always on feature. So it’s more like it has the essential features on. However, the price is significantly lower. So if you’re concerned about costs, you may wish to opt for the SE version.