• Climate change is a bigger issue than Covid-19

    Climate change is a bigger issue than Covid-19

    The G7 leaders met this week and one of the important topic was climate change. However, this requires a broader involvement of countries not just G7. The climate change is a real threat we face and every single country should come together leaving behind differences to come to an agreement to save the planet earth.

    We are already seeing a trend in global weather pattern and weather phenomenon. From severe flooding to pandemic, it all relates to the damages we are doing to nature. At present, we are so much in to technology that we are trying to make our lives easier while making it difficult for other species to live.

    What we have to understand that, this planet is not owned just by us. Every other species have the same right to live on this planet. It’s theirs too. Stop cutting trees, building unnecessary and vast amount of mobile towers, jumping up between frequencies. Stop using too much of fossil fuels. It has come to a point where we have to take actions to save planet earth.

    Stop fighting wars, stop fighting each others for whatever reasons. Stop bombing and arms production. Instead come to a green agreement where we all take necessary actions to reduce global warming drastically. Otherwise, nothing will be left. Remember, even a small bird has an important role to play in the eco system of this earth. It is vital that we don’t break the chain that will eventually affect everyone. We need to ensure a better future for the generations to come.

    While we thank G7 leaders to their pledge to save the world from climate change, we reiterate the fact that a global alliance should be formed to tackle this type of huge issue.