• How important is climate change

    How important is climate change

    Many of us these days are not bothered about climate change. We take this as another topic we would rather not go in to a lengthy discussion about. But the fact is, it is so important that we should forget about everything else and concentrate on how we can save this planet and we need to do this not just for our generation but the generations to come.

    Many of the effects of climate change are already visible around us. Some of the most notable ones include, shrinking of glaciers, untimely weather events and to some extent severe weather phenomenon. The rise of sea levels and intense heat waves are just some of many other reasosns we should be concerned about.

    According to NASA, Arctic is likely to become ice-free.

    Sea level rise

    With sea level rise many of our continents around the world will be affected. Further floodings. Agricultural soil contamination are just to name a few. This adverse effect will continue to escalate and one day much of the world will eventually start feeling the bad impact of this. If you are thinking, well it’s not going to affect us yet, well it would. It’s just a matter of time when.

    Some of the implications will include, food and water crisis, stronger hurricanes and impact on global food produce.

    Weather Phenomenon

    From stronger hurricanes, tornados to wild fires because of intense heatwaves around the world is just a mere example of what is about to happen. The intesne heatwaves would trigger wild fire accross many nations.


    Temperatures around the world will start to increase. Imagine how hard it would be live with a temperature of 40 degrees plus. Rising temperatures doesn’t just affect humans, it affects many things including causing frequent wild fires and rainfalls. This will also affect animals and plants around the world so yes, it will start affecting food supplies which will end up affecting you.

    Heavy Flooding

    Imagine more flooding as we face heavy and frequent rainfalls as climate change continues to make it’s impact on weather patterns. Flooding will overwhelm drainage system and burst riverbanks. Affect food production and much more!

    What we can do to help

    We should start being more aware of the things happening around us and taking individual steps to help towards delaying climate change. For instance, we should start:

    • Planting more trees
    • Cut fossil fuel use. Use bikes or walk where possible and get electric cars if you can afford it.
    • Stop wasting food
    • Try to eat more plant based food.
    • Reduce use of plastics

    Although it’s now late to completely reverse climate change, if we all do our bits, we may be able to delay it or reduce it’s impacts. Think about many more people who would come to this world, we wouldn’t want them to suffer the consequences of our actions. Be mindful of what you do!