• How to keep yourself safe from Covid-19

    How to keep yourself safe from Covid-19

    We are passing through one of the toughest we have faced recently as mankind. Keeping ourselves safe from Covid-19 has become vital to our survival. The Covid-19 has become such a severe problem for the world that almost all of us had to put everything to stop and go in to lockdowns. Although, it was long time coming. We as mankind have taken everything for granted. We do not appreciate what we have been provided with by our creator. The nature is full of beauty and abundance of everything from fruits and water we eat to the fresh air we breathe.

    So how do you keep yourself safe? We will only talk about the things you can do yoruself. For better guidance please always refer to scientists and doctors who specialised in dealing with diseases.

    First, we have to understand our body. Our body is so perfectly created by our Lord that it has ability to deal with everything that’s thrown at it. We just have to ensure that we take care of it. Pray to your creator to keep you safe. To some, it may sound a mere talk but believing is everything. Whoever you call upon and whatever religion you follow, we all have one creator so call upon him.

    Secondly, you have to know that our body is equipped to deal with all sorts of viruses and diseases. We just destroy it’s capabilities through uncontrolled life and junk food consuming we do on a daily basis. Did you know how the body deals with viruses?

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    How do deal with Covid-19

    There are things you can do to improve your body’s immune system which is the best guard against covid-19 or any other viruses / pathogens etc. Make sure you eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyles and excercise regularly.

    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
    • Avoid junk foods
    • Excercise regularly
    • Try to keep yourself stress free
    • Get enough sleep at night to help body recover
    • Make sure you are taking in enough Vitamins through your food
    • You may wish to take Vitamin D and C from time to time to keep on top of it. Don’t over do it as you would be getting them throug food anyway but to keep in mind, Vitamin C is the only vitamin that body can’t store so ensure you have it in your diet.

    Vitamin D plays an important role in many ways. It fights deseases. Viamin D is primarily produced by Sunlight when you are exposed to sun but that doesn’t mean you should be out all day as excess of it can be bad for skin. In some countries like UK, in winter you won’t get enough sunlight so it’s ideal to take a small amount of vitamin D suppliment. Ensure you have it in your diet. For instance, two eggs can give you more than half of your daily needs of vitamin D. However, body can store this Vitamin so as long as you are aware, it should be fine.

    Keeping yourself safe from Covid-19 in everyday life

    Use masks when outside. Doesn’t have to be surgical or n95 specialist maks. Use a good one made with cloth that you can wash and reuse. When wearing, make sure it covers your nose and mouth properly. If it’s thin,consider using two masks. There’s no alternative to being careful. Keep distance from others.

    Keep your hands clean. Doesn’ t mean you should be constantly use alcohol hand gel but just be aware when you touch something. Just use simple soap to properly wash off your hands.

    Remember, Covid-19 viruses can stay longer on some surfaces such as allumunium and cardboard so always clean these using an antibacterial wipe. It’s ideal thing to do before touching these kinds of things. Keep a wipe when you go out to shop so you can wipe the trolly handle for example.

    When you’re back at home, wash your hands properly (ensure nails are cleaned), keep your outside clothes separate and wipe your hair with water as well. Anything that comes inside your house, where possible, wipe them..fruits and veggies can be washed. It pays to be careful.

    At home, do not mix with people from different households or visit other houses. This virus mainly circulates indoor. Where you can’t avoid that, ensure the windows are open to let the fresh air in.

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