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  • Why choose WordPress over Web Builders?

    Why choose WordPress over Web Builders?

    WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available today, and for good reason. With WordPress, users have full control over their website and can customize it exactly how they want. It also offers a wide range of plugins and themes to choose from, making it easy to create a unique website that stands out from the competition.

    In comparison, web builders such as Wix and Square are limited in terms of customization options. They may be easier to use for beginners, but they don’t offer the same level of flexibility as WordPress does. Additionally, WordPress offers more security features than many web builders do, making it a safer option for businesses or individuals who need to protect their data. .

    WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the web and it has become an essential tool for businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. WordPress offers a wide range of features that make it easy to create websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. It is also incredibly versatile, allowing users to customize their sites with plugins and themes.

    With WordPress, businesses can benefit from improved search engine optimization (SEO), faster loading times, and increased security. Additionally, WordPress allows users to manage their sites from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

    Web builders like Wix have been gaining popularity among those who want to create websites without having any coding knowledge. While the ease of use of these builders is attractive, there are certain disadvantages that come with using them. These include limited customization options, lack of control over SEO, and potential security risks.

    In this article, we will discuss the various disadvantages of using web builders like Wix. We will look at how they limit customization options, affect SEO efforts, and the potential security issues associated with them. By understanding these cons, you can make an informed decision when choosing a website builder for your project.

    Wix is a popular website builder and hosting platform that provides users with an easy way to build and maintain websites. However, there are some potential downsides to using Wix that should be taken into consideration before making a decision. These include the lack of customization options, limited scalability, and limited support for third-party applications amongst many other factors like cost.

  • Climate change is a bigger issue than Covid-19

    Climate change is a bigger issue than Covid-19

    The G7 leaders met this week and one of the important topic was climate change. However, this requires a broader involvement of countries not just G7. The climate change is a real threat we face and every single country should come together leaving behind differences to come to an agreement to save the planet earth.

    We are already seeing a trend in global weather pattern and weather phenomenon. From severe flooding to pandemic, it all relates to the damages we are doing to nature. At present, we are so much in to technology that we are trying to make our lives easier while making it difficult for other species to live.

    What we have to understand that, this planet is not owned just by us. Every other species have the same right to live on this planet. It’s theirs too. Stop cutting trees, building unnecessary and vast amount of mobile towers, jumping up between frequencies. Stop using too much of fossil fuels. It has come to a point where we have to take actions to save planet earth.

    Stop fighting wars, stop fighting each others for whatever reasons. Stop bombing and arms production. Instead come to a green agreement where we all take necessary actions to reduce global warming drastically. Otherwise, nothing will be left. Remember, even a small bird has an important role to play in the eco system of this earth. It is vital that we don’t break the chain that will eventually affect everyone. We need to ensure a better future for the generations to come.

    While we thank G7 leaders to their pledge to save the world from climate change, we reiterate the fact that a global alliance should be formed to tackle this type of huge issue.

  • How to keep yourself safe from Covid-19

    How to keep yourself safe from Covid-19

    We are passing through one of the toughest we have faced recently as mankind. Keeping ourselves safe from Covid-19 has become vital to our survival. The Covid-19 has become such a severe problem for the world that almost all of us had to put everything to stop and go in to lockdowns. Although, it was long time coming. We as mankind have taken everything for granted. We do not appreciate what we have been provided with by our creator. The nature is full of beauty and abundance of everything from fruits and water we eat to the fresh air we breathe.

    So how do you keep yourself safe? We will only talk about the things you can do yoruself. For better guidance please always refer to scientists and doctors who specialised in dealing with diseases.

    First, we have to understand our body. Our body is so perfectly created by our Lord that it has ability to deal with everything that’s thrown at it. We just have to ensure that we take care of it. Pray to your creator to keep you safe. To some, it may sound a mere talk but believing is everything. Whoever you call upon and whatever religion you follow, we all have one creator so call upon him.

    Secondly, you have to know that our body is equipped to deal with all sorts of viruses and diseases. We just destroy it’s capabilities through uncontrolled life and junk food consuming we do on a daily basis. Did you know how the body deals with viruses?

    You can have a look at this useful article on immune system

    How do deal with Covid-19

    There are things you can do to improve your body’s immune system which is the best guard against covid-19 or any other viruses / pathogens etc. Make sure you eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyles and excercise regularly.

    • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
    • Avoid junk foods
    • Excercise regularly
    • Try to keep yourself stress free
    • Get enough sleep at night to help body recover
    • Make sure you are taking in enough Vitamins through your food
    • You may wish to take Vitamin D and C from time to time to keep on top of it. Don’t over do it as you would be getting them throug food anyway but to keep in mind, Vitamin C is the only vitamin that body can’t store so ensure you have it in your diet.

    Vitamin D plays an important role in many ways. It fights deseases. Viamin D is primarily produced by Sunlight when you are exposed to sun but that doesn’t mean you should be out all day as excess of it can be bad for skin. In some countries like UK, in winter you won’t get enough sunlight so it’s ideal to take a small amount of vitamin D suppliment. Ensure you have it in your diet. For instance, two eggs can give you more than half of your daily needs of vitamin D. However, body can store this Vitamin so as long as you are aware, it should be fine.

    Keeping yourself safe from Covid-19 in everyday life

    Use masks when outside. Doesn’t have to be surgical or n95 specialist maks. Use a good one made with cloth that you can wash and reuse. When wearing, make sure it covers your nose and mouth properly. If it’s thin,consider using two masks. There’s no alternative to being careful. Keep distance from others.

    Keep your hands clean. Doesn’ t mean you should be constantly use alcohol hand gel but just be aware when you touch something. Just use simple soap to properly wash off your hands.

    Remember, Covid-19 viruses can stay longer on some surfaces such as allumunium and cardboard so always clean these using an antibacterial wipe. It’s ideal thing to do before touching these kinds of things. Keep a wipe when you go out to shop so you can wipe the trolly handle for example.

    When you’re back at home, wash your hands properly (ensure nails are cleaned), keep your outside clothes separate and wipe your hair with water as well. Anything that comes inside your house, where possible, wipe them..fruits and veggies can be washed. It pays to be careful.

    At home, do not mix with people from different households or visit other houses. This virus mainly circulates indoor. Where you can’t avoid that, ensure the windows are open to let the fresh air in.

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  • How important is climate change

    How important is climate change

    Many of us these days are not bothered about climate change. We take this as another topic we would rather not go in to a lengthy discussion about. But the fact is, it is so important that we should forget about everything else and concentrate on how we can save this planet and we need to do this not just for our generation but the generations to come.

    Many of the effects of climate change are already visible around us. Some of the most notable ones include, shrinking of glaciers, untimely weather events and to some extent severe weather phenomenon. The rise of sea levels and intense heat waves are just some of many other reasosns we should be concerned about.

    According to NASA, Arctic is likely to become ice-free.

    Sea level rise

    With sea level rise many of our continents around the world will be affected. Further floodings. Agricultural soil contamination are just to name a few. This adverse effect will continue to escalate and one day much of the world will eventually start feeling the bad impact of this. If you are thinking, well it’s not going to affect us yet, well it would. It’s just a matter of time when.

    Some of the implications will include, food and water crisis, stronger hurricanes and impact on global food produce.

    Weather Phenomenon

    From stronger hurricanes, tornados to wild fires because of intense heatwaves around the world is just a mere example of what is about to happen. The intesne heatwaves would trigger wild fire accross many nations.


    Temperatures around the world will start to increase. Imagine how hard it would be live with a temperature of 40 degrees plus. Rising temperatures doesn’t just affect humans, it affects many things including causing frequent wild fires and rainfalls. This will also affect animals and plants around the world so yes, it will start affecting food supplies which will end up affecting you.

    Heavy Flooding

    Imagine more flooding as we face heavy and frequent rainfalls as climate change continues to make it’s impact on weather patterns. Flooding will overwhelm drainage system and burst riverbanks. Affect food production and much more!

    What we can do to help

    We should start being more aware of the things happening around us and taking individual steps to help towards delaying climate change. For instance, we should start:

    • Planting more trees
    • Cut fossil fuel use. Use bikes or walk where possible and get electric cars if you can afford it.
    • Stop wasting food
    • Try to eat more plant based food.
    • Reduce use of plastics

    Although it’s now late to completely reverse climate change, if we all do our bits, we may be able to delay it or reduce it’s impacts. Think about many more people who would come to this world, we wouldn’t want them to suffer the consequences of our actions. Be mindful of what you do!

  • How to migrate WordPress website

    How to migrate WordPress website

    Migrate your WordPress website with ease!

    You will probably find a lot of other articles on this. However, a lot of them might confuse you so I would put this in a simple way. I will keep it as simple as possible and show you how you can migrate your wordpress website to your new host or another directory.

    There are two main ways to do this. They are:

    • Using a WordPress plugin
    • Manually transfer WordPress files

    Using a plugin

    With this method, you will need to install a plugin to take a full backup of your website. Then install the same plugin on your new host and upload the file.

    There are quite a few well known plugin you can use. Such as WP Clone, Duplicator, All in One WP Migration etc. I have personally used many of them but I struggled with most as they limit the functions and you can’t use them for bigger sites as they want you to buy the premium versions. The most easiest one I found was WP Clone. This plugin works like a breeze. Although, I recommend you have a fresh installalation. Once installed, it will take a backup and provide you a link. You can copy that link and use it to copy the site on your new host. Make sure you have the same version of plugin on both installations.

    Manually migrate the site.

    First, take a full backup of your files under public_html and zip them up. Download and upload to your new hosting. Unzip or upload all files to your home directory inside public_html.

    Copy the database of your WordPress, open PhpMyAdmin form your control panel and export the database. It will give you a .sql file. Copy that and go to your new hosting. Again, open PhpMyAdmin and IMPORT the database using that .sql file.

    Finally, you will need to edit the wp-config file on your installation to change the url. Open wp-config and write the following on top of it (just under the <?php) as below. Replace “yourdomain” with your own domain name.

    define( 'WP_HOME', '' );
    define( 'WP_SITEURL', '' );

    Save this file and visit your site. Voila! It should be working flawlessley!


  • Why organic food is a better choice

    Why organic food is a better choice

    These days when demands have grown, many of our foods have been added with chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides. Many of the birds such as chicken is also being kept in cages. They do not naturally play around and grow eating natural food they supposed to..

    So how does this affects us?

    If you are constantly eating animals, fruits and veggies that have been added with these chemicals and antibiotics, you will in return someway end up having a portion of it. You do not need a specialist or scientist to tell you that. It’s common sense.

    Everyday, we are eating takeaways, the demand have kept growing over time. How do you keep the cost of food low? Imagine, you had a restaurant, to cook chicken you will need to buy chicken. If you spent more to buy chicken, it would obviously reflect on your menu prices. So to keep the menu prices low, you will look for low priced chicken and meats. Here comes the business who speclises in low cost chickens. How do they do it? Well obviously, they would look for farmers who can provide chicken for lower costs but how would the farmers do it? They don’t have enough spaces or manpower to manage chickens roaming free on the fields and they have to meet demand. So what do they do? The easiest solution is caged hens!

    With all the added antibiotics and pesticides in the food, it is possible to pass through to you through the food.

    Some of the best reasons to opt for ogranic food:

    • Organic food is often nutrient rich
    • Organic food is natuarally grown without added antibiotics
    • Nature friendly, suppors the environment
    • Tastes better
    • Supports healthier lifestyles

    Therefore, it is always a better choice to opt for organic foods, you may end up paying a little extra but if you could afford it, it’s well worth it!

  • Apple Watch review

    Apple Watch review

    This is a simple review of Apple watch. We won’t get in to detailed technical stuff that most people won’t understand or rather not go in to too much technical details. I find it easier to provide simple information that matters.

    So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been using the new Apple Watch series 6 GPS + WiFi. At first I’ve been concerned about the pricing of the watch which obviously is a lot higher than the rivals. I’ve been looking at quite a few watches and fitness trackers.

    At first I was looking at cheap alternatives on Amazon abs eBay. However, I realised that the very cheap ones are only better as a pedometer and is not as accurate. You have to consider that to keep the pricing down, they have had to compromise on features.

    One of my top alternative choice was Samsung galaxy watch 3. However, being an iPhone user, I opted for the Apple Watch instead as it would work better with my phone and we all know about the good stuff that Apple builds. You can rely on its accuracy.

    So, pros and cons? Well, To be honest, I would have preferred a round display like the Samsung watch 3. It looks stylish and more like a conventional watch in terms of looks. However, I wouldn’t say that it’s a big downside as you can make the Apple Watch stylish with the extra straps that you can buy.

    Best for iPhone users

    If you’re an iphone user, you would thoroughly enjoy it as it. It syncs flawlessley with your iPhone to update your everyday activities and we know how good Apple is with doing things properly. It will not miss anything and you can rely on it to show you the correct data.


    Well, with everything on, it would last you a full day at least. However, you can make the battery last a lot longer, if you put the “Cinema mode” ON. This would essentially keep the display dimmed along with couple of other tweaks so your battery will last longer. It will however, keep counting your steps and you would still get a vibration when there is a notification.

    Watch SE vs Series 6

    You may wish to opt for the Watch SE version instead of Series 6. The main difference would be a) No ECG function on SE b) Doesn’t have always on feature. So it’s more like it has the essential features on. However, the price is significantly lower. So if you’re concerned about costs, you may wish to opt for the SE version.

  • Random post to start with

    Random post to start with

    Bloggin is not easy and not hard. We can say both in a way. I would say the easiest way to say this is that you write whatever is on your mind. So my kinda blog is actually my kind of blog.

    Now if the though process that I have matches with yours, not entirely perhaps but if it matches to a similar level and your opinion is pretty similar to mine then you may call it too…my kind of blog!

    So there we are…it’s a journey that starts with whatever that is on our mind. The topics will probably be varied. Will range from anything silly to serious ones. For instance, things that’s happening around us and technologies. So some of them would be your type while some would be for others.

    Although it would be categorised. So if you wish you can stick to your choice of categories and read on when it interests you!

    Here’s to another day!